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Healthy and happy mind, body, heart and soul are connected by a healthy, happy and loving ENERGY.

What is V360coaching®?

V360coaching® is an authentic and loving health coaching program for mind, body, heart and soul designed to bring health and happiness into different areas of our lives. To better understand the mind, body, heart and soul connection, let´s compare our whole being to a sophisticated computer, where our mind, body, heart and soul are the hardware and all our knowledge and experiences are the software. As electricity runs through the computer connecting the hardware, so runs the energy through our whole being connecting our mind, body, heart and soul. Accumulating experiences, learning new skills or V360coaching® are all equivalents of software upgrading.

Authenticity is an important keyword of my coaching method. Everything I coach and teach is a fusion of my personal experience as a human being and my deep practical knowledge as a medical doctor, coach and instructor.

And why 360? The 360-degree angle is a full angle as it forms a circle around a point. So is V360coaching® a balanced coaching method centered around you, my dears, your health and happiness in many different areas of your lives.

Why I created V360coaching®?

I am a health care professional. So why not just health coaching?  Why would I create V360coaching® which includes many other areas, seemingly unrelated to health? Well, because all these areas are health related. To be more exact, they co-create health.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. You may have a healthy, well-formed body, ideal weight, excellent lab results, and despite all that not feel happy and healthy, if your relationships don´t work or you go to a frustrating job every day. You can be an innerly well-balanced person, successful in both your professional and private life, but if you suffer from back pain all day long because you have been neglecting your body for years or you are carrying a few extra kilograms on you, that is not health either.

My journey towards a healthy body, soul, heart and mind – in exactly this order – took me 15 years and it continues as I keep discovering new ways towards even more health and happiness each day. From time to time, road blocks in form of unexpected health and happiness challenges arise and I keep upgrading myself and finding creative ways of being as healthy and happy as possible at the given moment.

Interminable hours spent over books and absent sports activity lead to an aching back, stiffness in neck and shoulders. It all got even worse after pregnancy with loose pelvic floor and overstrained hip joints. Every step equaled pain. I kept looking for solutions and found ways to strengthen my deep core and pelvic floor muscles (Cantienica®, Belly dance, Bellylatinofit®). Thanks to regular exercise my body got into an amazing form, better than ever before. With growing muscles grew my wish to use them and move more, and my journey continued towards more dancing (salsa, bachata, reggaeton) and other sports activities (swimming, running, climbing, skiing, snowboarding), but sometime later I started to experience physical symptoms with no medical explanation – allergies, digestive issues, hair loss. And my journey continued towards spirituality, meditation and emotion work. At that point I also fell in love with power and hatha yoga. Despite healthy body, soul and heart, my life was still not the way I wanted it to be. Without clear goals, I was just floating through it. My life felt OK, but at the same time it felt like something was missing. On the inside I knew that I wanted to walk on a different path in most areas of my life. But my own mind kept creating obstacles, sabotaging all my attempts to make changes. It kept leading me back to the same way of acting as it was familiar and “safe”, within my comfort zone. My mind was working based on programs downloaded from other people and from the society in the childhood. Next step in my journey was to work with my mind, clearing away limiting beliefs and patterns which were holding me back. The creation of new beliefs made it possible for me to set clear goals and see ways how to achieve them.

A huge motivation to create V360coaching® – besides my own personal experience – was my work as a medical doctor in the hospital. On everyday basis I saw people repeating the same dysfunctional patterns in relation to their health all over again. I witnessed their unwillingness to take responsibility for their life and health.

The journey towards health starts in the mind, body, heart and soul of each of us. The beginning requires a lot of courage, perseverance and patience. As soon as the new ways of acting, thinking and feeling get into your blood, your journey becomes smooth and enjoyable.